Online Meetings & Video Conference : Cisco WebEx

Many are looking for an appropriate platform to connect or access other computers that are located with us.

Often the problem is often encountered by IT consultants. Cisco WebEx provides on demand collaborations such as online meetings, web conferencing and videoconferencing without the need to install anything. Let’s see how it works: 

  1. If we are hosting the meeting and still have no account click on either Try It Free or See Pricing to buy
  2. Enter your information details.
  3. Enter email address, before login please be remembered for active account in your email address.
  4. Then can invite friend to jin meeting, click on Start button to start meeting
  5. Can call, it can be easier for

    Cisco WebEx’s share screen and video call sharing because Cisco WebEx’s only other sharing screen is just that the host only needs to register and others side just need to accept it without installing. Congratulations.

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